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This site augments the classic, which due to planned obsolescence introduced by various software giants can no longer be updated. The old site, which is now conserved and covers most developments up until around 2017 – books, paintings, graphics and music. This new site aims bit by bit to cover the subsequent period and then to give a grand retrospective.
But first of all attention must be turned to the various “Lockdown Projects”….

Lockdown special – 120 Bat Cans

120 “Bat Cans” over 24 full colour pages, with a two page exegesis of how the bat theme and the lockdown scenario came together in winter-spring 2019-2020 to create a great burst of humour and colour. Size 14.7 x 18.5 cm,
Price 8 pounds or euros plus very modest p+p. Available from BABS in London, Boekie Woekie in Amsterdam, or from

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PLUS Lockdown Venture #2
The Mirror Behind the Glass