The Invisible Hamlet (reprint)

At long last a reprint of the large A3 publication The Invisible Hamlet, now in a handier A4 edition on heavy paper – in full black and white and some nice colour in between. Initially published in 2006 in a limited edition of twenty, with one or two still available, Red Sphinx is now offering this scaled-down A4 edition of 200 from 2020.
The Invisible Hamlet, 28pp. full colour on heavy stock. Price20 pounds or 20 euros plus p+p.

A selection from The Invisible Hamlet.

67 Thoughts of the Day

Neat 12 x 16.8 cm full colour booklet from 2020 brimfull with uplifting thoughts, one a day for 67 days.
The “first postmodern Patience Strong”. Price 10 Euros/Pounds plus postage.

The Mirror behind the Glass

The Mirror behind the Glass – 20 pages of behind glass paintings taken from the 60 or so done in the Winter of 2020-2021 during Lockdown. Full colour and loving detail, 20 pp. and zazzy cover, A5, price 8 euros/pounds plus postage. Below are two pages of a projected flyer featuring a number of the works included in this publication. Find more pictures here.

Man Possessed by a Square

Twenty-six page catalogue documenting almost all of the large 80 x 100 cm drawings done from 2011 to 2019:
the title refers to one of the works, but also to mysterious square on the back cover: buy the book to find out more.
A5 catalogue in full colour, 26 pp., price 8 euros or 8 pounds plus postage.