“Kunst, Besessenheit und blöde Sprüche”, Rumpsti Pumsti, Berlin 2014
1st Polish Biennale
Aarhus, 2013
Found playing cards at BABS, London
Poster for Double Visions, 2007, first exhibition at BABS, London,
Dieter Roth Academy show, Hjaltari, 2011
Dieter Roth Academy meeting, Aarhus, 2012
Aarhus, 2013
Poster for Lupin Coffee action, Berlin, 2011
Dieter Roth Academy, Mosfellsbaer, 2002. Left Jan Voss, right Malcolm Green’s “Milking the Diary” etc.
Poster for DRA meeting in 2004 at Lübeck
Four giant banners!
Emerson Gallery, Berlin, 2009
A selection from The Invisible Hamlet at Freehome, berlin, 2018
Two of the Glorreiche Siebe at the Rumpsti Pumsti Show….